Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner Performs at Houlihan-McLean Center

By Samantha Sonnie – Staff Writer

Llewellyn Sanchez-Werner, an award-winning pianist, visited The University of Scranton to perform a collection of songs. On October 23, 2022 at the Houlihan-McLean Center, Llewellyn performed for Scranton students, local residents and fans.  

Sanchez-Werner’s ability is reflected by his accredited performance venues and collaborations. According to Royal News, Sanchez-Werner has played at the Kennedy Center, the White House for President Joe Biden, and for former president Barack Obama.  

According to Royal News, he has also collaborated with many musicians, such as Richard O’Neill and Cynthia Phelps.  

Sanchez-Werner attended The Julliard School, where he received his bachelor and master’s degrees.  

The Royal News also shared that Sanchez-Werner attended Ventura College at age five, where he completed 170 college credits in music and international relations 

When he performed at the Houlihan-McLean Center, Sanchez-Werner would stand up and tell the audience the importance of the songs. He would share the back stories, and as to why they are significant. Two of which were entitled Mazeppa, by Franz Liszt, and Barcarolle, by Frédéric Chopin.  

He made his performance engaging; Sanchez-Werner encouraged the audience to place themselves within the song. He played each song with passion, as he put everything he had, and more, into each song. His devotion to the art of music is astounding.  

Sanchez-Werner’s said his favorite part about being a musician is the opportunity to travel and meet new people.  

“I think, first of all being able to travel, around the world, meet new people with different perspectives and learn from them,” Sanchez-Werner said.  

Sanchez-Werner says his experience as a pianist is unique compared to other musicians.  

“We always have a new instrument to play on. I mean other instruments, violinists, cellists, they take their own instruments everywhere,” Sanchez-Werner said. “But pianists, meet a new friend, every time they go on stage, and have to learn the challenges and the joys of that new friend, so that’s something I really enjoy.”  

Sanchez-Werner passion and drive stood out with every key he played. His visit to The University of Scranton was an opportunity of a lifetime to witness.