Authorities Remove Dangerous Chemical From Student Facilities

By Alex Nunez

Scranton emergency services participated in the removal of a hazardous substance from Loyola Science Center during the week of Oct. 20. The hazard was discovered during a routine safety inspection by University of Scranton employees according to Stan Zygmunt, Director of News and Media Relations. 

The Scranton Police Department as well as the Scranton Fire Department assisted in the removal of the substance in what Zygmunt described as a “stable situation.” The authorities were contacted as soon as the hazard was identified according to Zygmunt. While the substance in question was not disclosed by the university, it was confirmed to be a chemical held in one of the chemistry labs within the Loyola Science Center says Zygmunt.  

The safety check was conducted during school hours and the hazard was discovered while classes were in session. Zygmunt emphasized that it was a stable situation and that no students were at risk of harm during the incident. Moreover, rumors that chemicals had been stolen in some manner were immediately denied by Zygmunt. Additionally, rumors that the chemical hazard caused the power outage that happened the same day were also shot down by Zygmunt.  

Jonny Wells is a junior that does research in the lab that was affected by the incident. 

When asked to comment, Wells said “I didn’t think an incident like this could happen in our labs. Something like this makes you realize how important it is to follow the safety recommendations on the safety data sheets. These chemicals are nothing to mess around with.” 

Zygmunt reassured students that the facilities are safe and that there is no need to worry about their safety.